Home-seller’s checklist

Congratulations, you have found a buyer for your Spanish property! You should now instruct a lawyer to represent you in the sale, particularly if you are non-resident in Spain.

To secure the deal, your appointed lawyer will require from you a long list of documents you should have ready at hand. These documents will then be forwarded to the buyer, or his legal representative, as they are necessary to prepare a due diligence. Following this, the next step would be to sign the all-important Private Purchase Contract.

The below list is thought only for non-resident sellers acting as physical persons. If the seller is a holding company, there would be additional documents that need to be handed over to a buyer, or his representative.

Selling a property may at times be a daunting prospect for sellers; to save yourself time, stress and aggravation it is most advisable a seller pre-empts this by collating the below list well ahead of time. You’re welcome.

  • Fully scanned copy of your purchase Title Deed
  • Scanned copy of a Nota Simple
  • Copies of your national IDpassport and valid NIE Number certificate. A duplicate NIE certificate may be required at times by notaries if your certificate has expired (the assigned number never changes)
  • Copy of recent utility invoices (water & electricity)
  • Copy of IBI tax invoices for the previous 4 years
  • Copy of Refuse Charge (Basura, in Spanish) for the previous 4 years
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Licence of First Occupation
  • Community of Owner’s administrator contact details
  • Scanned copies of the minutes of the last three General Assemblies (Junta General Ordinaria, in Spanish)
  • Community of Owner’s Certificate stating the property is not in arrears
  • Spanish fiscal residency certificate (to avoid a 3% retention on the sales proceeds on selling).
  • Copy of Power of Attorney, if instructing a lawyer
  • If renting out, a copy of the signed lease agreement
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