Safety and security of a property is an important matter if it is a detached house. In this case, you should think of:

  • Installing an alarm system. The cost of this service depends on the location and the features of a property. It is recommended to choose a big company with a good reputation to make sure that the alarm won’t be set up by the strong wind or small animals.
  • Surveillance cameras.

As for apartments, as a rule the development projects have surveillance cameras in the common areas. Keys to the common door are very often incompiable which means that you can’t make any copies. That ensures that strangers won’t get access to your home.

When buying a property, its new owner needs to re-connect the house with electricity and water services. If you are buying a property via a professional real estate agency, you will be offered this service. To deal with this issue on your won, you need to contact a private electricity and water supply company, provide documents that prove you property ownership and resign a contract. If you provide the company with the bank account details, the utility payments can be made automatically.

Leasing your home in Spain can bring over 5% of the annual income from the market cost of the property. For example, leasing a seaside studio which costs €100,000, you can get about €5000 per year. When choosing the right property and entrust its lease to professionals, you can increase the annual rent income up to 7%. So, as you can see, you get a stable income source by investing in Spanish properties.

There are five grounds that allow to obtain a Spanish citizenship:

  • Origins (place of birth) – automatic citizenship. When one of the parents has Spanish citizenship or an applicant as well as one of their parents was born in Spain.
  • Option of citizenship – an opportunity for foreigners to get citizenship if they are somehow connected with the country, for example have Spanish parents.
  • Naturalization – an option to get citizenship by any person who has strong grounds. For example, scientists, artists and etc.
  • Decision by the state – an option to become a Spanish citizen for those who have lived in the country for over 10 years and consider themselves as Spanish residents and fulfill their civic duties.
  • Living in the country for a certain period of time. In this case the ground is a long-term stay in Spain.

For many foreigners the easiest way to get Spanish citizenship is the last option in the list below. As a rule, you can apply for citizenship after 10 years living the country. But this term may be shortened to 5, 3 or sometimes event for 2 years.

NIE is the Numero de identidad de extranjero, the identification number of a foreigner. It is required for financial and legal procedures, like buying a property, tax payments, applying for documents when moving to the country and etc. NIE is issued by the Spanish Immigration Office. To apply for the NIE, you need to stay legally in the country for a certain period of time (for example, studying or holidays) and have compelling reasons for its obtaining (buying a property and etc).

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